Premarital teaching.

The couple is not asked to follow a premarital teaching, it is a personal choice for each couple.

The Bans and the prescribed time limit.

Legally the Banns must be posted at least 20 days prior the wedding day.

The choice of the date and time.

The wedding ceremony can be done in the morning, the afternoon, or even during the evening, the day you will choose.

Divorced person.

It is possible to remarry, if you have a divorce certificat or an irrevocable verdict of divorce from the court, so that you are legally able to remarry.

Multiple weddings.

It is possible to celebrate more than one marriage at the same place, the same day and at the same time as long as each person involved will agree to do so, then two or more couples can married simultaneously...

A non Canadian resident can get married in Quebec.

Your marriage will be legal as for the disposition of the Quebec Civil Code and of the Directeur de l’État Civil. It would be wise to make sure that the government of your country acknowledges the legal authority of this province and country, before the celebration. Your consulate can help you on this matter.
For Baptism, the Renewal of Vows, the Child Consecration, Funerals & Sepulture.
For these services directly contact us for a celebrant.

Celebration outside Quebec and Canada.

The A.C.C.Q. can also offer you to celebrate a wedding outside Quebec or Canada..