The celebrations

Three choices possible

1. The Traditionnal Celebration
2. The Medieval Celebration.
3. The Colonial Celebration.

Three rituals possible .

1. The Wine Ritual
2. The Candelabra Ritual.
3. The Conventionnal Ritual.

The seven parts of the ceremony

1. The Introduction.
2. The Instruction.
3. The Promise of Fidelity.
4. The Vows.
5. The Ring Exchange.
6. The Signatures.
7. The Conclusion.

The Places

1. A church.
2. A chappel.
3. A Reception Hall.
4. At home.
5. Outdoors.
6. Other options are possible.

Three Visits

1. The first visit is to complete the documents and define all the details.
2. The second visit is the rehearsal of the ceremony’s ritual.
3. The third visit is the Wedding Celebration.